[APP][GAME][2.2 to 4.4.4] Bubble Wrap (This one's "different" :P )

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    Relieve all your stress by popping bubbles on this bubble wrap game! Whenever you are bored, Bubble Wrap is right at your fingertips to pass your time.
    It's the same fun element delivered to you right from your childhood!
    Bubble Wrap is brought to you FREE of cost for now.

    In this "Realistic" game, you don't just touch the bubble to pop it, you "Press" it! Just like the real life. Every bubble has a slightly different strength which makes it a more realistic experience.

    **High Scores**
    Race against time to make high scores and share the score with friends to invite or challenge them.

    ***Start game in two modes***
    Simple Mode: Just choose a bubble which looks good to you and have that sized bubbles.
    Advanced Mode: Select rows and columns to have complete control over the number of bubbles.

    **The Relaxation Mode**
    Forget about the timer, forget about the score. Just pop the bubbles in much easier and relaxing environment.

    **Gameplay times**
    This game can be played even for very short periods of time.
    There is one minute left till your break is over? Play a game of 9 SECONDS!
    On your way to work in a bus? Play games as long as 9 MINUTES!

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