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    Indo Irish Softsol Pvt. Ltd., is excited to announce the launch of a newly enhanced version of Friend In Palm on the Google Play. This uniquely intuitive concierge app blends together customization features together with artificial intelligence and the powerful ispeech recognition engine to provide users with a virtual personal assistant capable of helping you complete tasks as simple as texting a friend or as complex as searching the web for users, and nearly everything in between! Newly optimized for smoother performance and clearer speech recognition features, Friend In Palm is currently available for download on Google Play in the Productivity category.

    With Friend In Palm (FIP Assistant) you can:

    *Personalize your assistant and upload picture of your family, friends or your favorite celebrity.

    *FIP’s amazing engineering enables you to virtualize and use it do simple to complex tasks for you, including GPS service, social media, news reading, comprehensive location services, real-time information services, weather, sports, general information etc.

    * With FIP users can easily update Facebook, send mail, call a person while driving, search on stuff on amazon, know things in Google, calculate, set alarm

    *Quickly finding useful information, such as dictionary definitions, mathematical equations, measurement conversions, or even fast facts and pop culture references

    *Getting directions from point A to point B, using the Google maps device

    *Finding businesses nearby — including directions on getting there — be it gas stations, banks, or restaurants; many businesses are also displayed by rating

    You can download Friend in Palm app on the Google Play Store here.
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