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    • Need a convenient way to send a file to someone?
    • Tired of sending files using clunky and slow methods like email?
    • Sick of dealing with MMS's max image/video size and the inability to send other file types?


    CloudSend solves a problem that I have been facing for ages:

    It allows you to send ANY file over SMS!

    CloudSend integrates with your personal Dropbox to make the prossess of uploading files and sharing there public links seamless and easy!

    How CloudSend Works:

    1.) CloudSend authorizes with Dropbox
    2.) CloudSend begins uploading any file you share from the gallery or a file manager
    3.) CloudSend shows upload progress in the Notification Bar
    4.) When CloudSend finishes uploading, it shows a Notification titled "Click to Send SMS"
    5.) Clicking this Notification will open your messaging app and put the File's Name and File's URL in the messages body
    6.) Recepients of this link will be taken to the File's Dropbox Page where they can view or download the file for themselves

    CloudSend makes sending files quick and easy, start using CloudSend to make your life easier today!


    You can find it on the Play Store at CloudSend


    ****** v 1.3.2 ******

    • GS3 Bug Fixed!
    • Improved Tutorial Screen UI
    • Better Authorization Handling

    ****** v 1.3.0 ******

    • Fancy new Tutorial screen
    • Authorization handling
    • Send Notification's are now persistent when clicked on (send the same link multiple times)
    • Localytics analytics collector
    -----All data is anonymous-----
    Data Collected:
    • Upload Time
    • Rough file size
    • Success or Failure
    • File Type
    • Time taken to authorize

    ****** v 1.2.0 ******

    • Handling of connectivity changes
    • Better JellyBean notifications
    • Improved version specific icons
    • Share Link menu
    • FC on certain file uploads!
    • Thumbnail errors

    ****** v 1.1.5 ******

    Ugh Oh, last version broke ICS support. So, here's the fix!
    • ICS bugfix

    ****** v 1.1.0 ******

    • Fancy JellyBean Notification Actions
    • Spiffy Android Version specific notification icons
    • Ability to send File Link using any app!

    ****** v 1.0.0 ******

    • First Release, baby!


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