[APP FREE] Location-aware notepad with reminders

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    Memabilia is a free location-aware notepad app. Your notes are searchable on date/time, location (where written) and the words they contain, so you can easily find your information at any time.

    You can set reminders either for a date/time or by picking a location on a map, so when you arrive at that place the reminder is triggered.

    If you wish you can also choose to publish any of your notes as location-based reports, which other users of Memabilia can read when they go to the same place or browse there on the map. We are also working on social networking tools to let you rate reports and chat with their authors.

    We take privacy seriously. Memabilia preserves your anonymity and no personal data is taken from your phone. You cannot be identified solely by using Memabilia. All your notes are kept on your phone, though we offer the means to back them up to our webserver if you choose, in which case they will not be revealed to anyone.

    Memabilia is new and under continuous development. We welcome feedback of any kind that may help us improve the product.

    For more information visit our website: Memabilia.