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    Dear Droidforums community,

    I am the proud developer of a small application available on the googl play. And I'd like to share it with you.


    Yes it is another sudoku ;o) Here is a short description of the game :

    SUU DOO KUU is probably the only sudoku that take full advantage of the Android screens.
    With gestures which you are already familiar, touching, moving your finger across the screen, or long press,
    you can push a number or choose a solution quickly. The game is thus very simple and very intuitive.

    You will find here all these tips How to play

    How to play | SUU DOO KUU

    Thanks to this unique system of numbers input, you enjoy your game in full screen.

    With many sweet animations, SUU DOO KUU is a real game and has all the strengths expected in a modern sudoku :

    • Beautiful HD display on smartphone as on tablet.
    • Play at your own pace with the 3 levels of difficulty.
    • Show off your score by sharing it on social networks.
    • Do not lose anything of your games thanks to automatic backup.
    • Play in portrait or landscape mode.
    • Finally a sudoku with huge nuts !

    The rule of Sudoku is also included in this application.

    All comments are welcome. Thank you.


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