[APP][FREE][2.2+] Wimbeep 1.2.2

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    [APP][FREE][2.2+] Wimbeep 1.2.2 - Data Communications over Sound

    Hi all,

    Wimbeep is a cool new app for sharing content between devices over sound. Wimbeep enables simple sharing of contacts, links, multimedia content and files without too much hassle - just run the application on both devices, choose the item to send and that's it.

    Current implementation allows sending of contacts and links over the acoustic media by itself. For large volume content such as files and media an auxilary Bluetooth connection is established for supporting the transfer.

    We have also implemented a Firefox extension for demonstrating the easy acoustic interface between a PC and a mobile device. The extension currently supports sending links and phone numbers from a web page to your phone.

    The application is still in development and we are currently working on making the sounds more pleasant to the human ear.

    For more details check out Wimbeep in Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fusego.wimbeep.android or scan:


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