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    Hi All,

    So I am getting a Galaxy Tab soon, and want to be able to use it for my work. I am wondering if anyone can help me develop or locate an app that can allow me to use the GPS functionality a little better.

    So in a nutshell, I monotor lions in the Masai Mara in Kenya. A general outling would involve finding a lion, photograhing it, identifying it, identifying and detailing other members in the pride and taking a GPS fix.

    How I do it now is tedious. I take a GPS point, write down which waypoint refers to the sighting, get back to camp, download the GPS into a mapping program, export the waypoint to a text file, edit to a CSV file and then re-edit to reimport it later.

    I also use a GPS to try and avoid getting lost in the bush, which can still happen, as I use a simple GPS with no maps, just tracks and waypoints. This sometimes results in be getting stuck in a ditch :)


    What I need is this:

    - an app on the tablet that will allow me to navigate using preloaded maps (these can be image files) WITHOUT an internet connection (not much wireless out there :))

    -real time tracking on the maps, and the ability to view tracks and waypoints (i.e. I would mark in major tracks and landmarks, such as other camps)

    - the ability to upload new maps when I drive to new areas

    - mark GPS waypoints and name them

    - mark tracks and name them, perhaps have them in different colours if needed so that I can use these to navigate easier

    - I need to be able to very easily lift the co-ords of marked waypoints and put them

    - I would LOVE to be able to take a picture and link this to a waypoint

    - I would also LOVE to be able to attach some sort of note or anotation to the waypoint, for example I can mark a lion and then I can easily write down which lion it was and a little about the behaviour

    - I need to be able to download the waypoints relatively easily so that they can be used for ArcGIS on my laptop - they could be exported as a shape file or as text file if this isn't possible.

    There are probably a load of other things that it would be great to do but I can't think of them right now...


    I would be SO HAPPY if someone could help me with this. It would really help me in my job and therefore you would be doing a lot to help prtect lions in the Masai Mara :)

    If you would like to read more about what I do you can go to Home | Mara Predator Project

    You can also email me directly on