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    Flaffy is a widget template pack for use with Zooper Widget Pro. Flaffy includes a unique minimal, flat, fluffy, and dynamic theme. Flaffy aims to bring your day together with natures day. The sun will appear on the left side of your homescreen at sunrise and will gradually travel across the screen throughout the day until it goes down at sunset. Once the sun sets you will notice that the moon appears. It will also follow its own path. The moon will differ as it travels the path of the actual moon it will appear sometimes at night and sometimes during the day. The app currently includes 12 elements with more to come soon. The latest build includes the all new selfie series, as well as the original widgets. You get several options to choose from (you can have as much information or as little as you like and have pretty much whichever size widget you like). More info can be found at the Play Link below.

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