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    Not sure where to post this. Dont have a subforum. I have posted one in the themes section..since it is technically themed. However, its an app and think it would get more use posted in the apps forum...so here it is.

    Be sure to check the theme forum, or link in my sig for ULS pandora apps. Transparent widgets and unlimited skips, and some more minor theme work. I personally use the v1.5.6 as it is also ad free and uls...and it works better than the newer versions in my opinion. Market just keeps saying to update...just ignore if you install the 1.5.6.

    Anyway, I will post up screens in a short bit.


    App is zipaligned and signed. Uninstall your current version and install this one as a regular .apk. I will be putting up a dropbox link as soon as possible.


    Dropbox dl http://db.tt/KZxWmDO

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