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[APP] DriverDiary 1.7.6

Discussion in 'App Announcements' started by FaSSt2001, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. FaSSt2001

    FaSSt2001 New Member

    Aug 25, 2011
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    We have just released DriverDiary version 1.7.6 adding a couple small features and a few bug fixes. It is available on the Android Market as well as the Amazon App Store.

    Check out our website and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!
    SweyPro Website

    DriverDiary tracks fuel mileage, expenses and parts. The free version offers
    many features and is not limited like most other free vehicle tracking apps. It
    is ad supported and it does lack a couple features from the pro version, but is
    otherwise fully functional.

    The Pro, paid, version adds the ability to take and store pictures of your
    fuel and service receipts, schedule automatic backups and is the first app
    available that allows you to sync your data between a server and multiple




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    Track your fuel economy, expenses and parts with a familiar, user friendly
    interface and keep tabs on your vehicles.

    No more looking through that gigantic filter book just to find out the page
    you need has been ripped out! Have all of your vehicles information at your
    finger tips and at your side all the time.*

    Standard Features
    -Enter fill ups, maintenance and parts easily and quickly with the standard
    -Track multiple vehicles (as many as you'd like)
    -Add drivers and assign them to a vehicle
    -Import data from a CSV file (unrestricted amount of records)
    -Export data to CSV
    -Backup and restore database
    -Choose to track/calculate your fuel economy by your main odometer or your
    trip odometer
    -Choose from several unit of measure options (MPG, km/L, etc)
    -Choose whether to include partial fill-ups in your calculations
    -Choose from multiple currency formats
    -Add/Edit/Delete fuel types
    -Add/Edit/Delete service types
    -Add/Edit/Delete driving types
    -Add/Edit/Delete service/gas stations
    -Ability to clear/reset data from selected tables
    -View comprehensive stats on your vehicles
    -View charts of vehicle data
    -Service Reminders (NEW)***
    -Install to SD Card
    -NO resource consuming, battery draining services running in the background
    like other apps

    PRO Features
    -All standard features plus...
    -Take and store pictures of your fuel and service receipts for later
    -Sync your data to a server for easy restore of data and syncing to multiple
    phones and the future desktop app.
    -Automatic backup feature to schedule a backup of your data at pre-determined
    intervals (Daily, Weekly, etc)***
    -AD FREE!
    -Support the dev if you like that app :)
    -Search DriverDiary Pro in the market!

    ***Automatic backup and service reminders use your devices built in alarm
    manager and NOT a constantly running background service. DriverDiary is resource
    and battery friendly!

    *INTERNET - Used for ads in the FREE VERSION and the Syncing feature in the
    *WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Used for creating backups and exporting data to
    your SD card in all versions.
    *ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - Used to check your network connection for the Syncing
    feature in the PRO VERSION ONLY. This permission is not used at all in the FREE
    *RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - Used for setting the alarm service to notify
    DriverDiary when it should do an automatic backup in the PRO VERSION ONLY. This
    permission is not used at all in the FREE VERSION or if you have automatic
    backups disabled in the PRO VERSION.
    *WAKE_LOCK - Used for waking the phone up to perform an automatic backup in
    the PRO VERSION ONLY. This permission is not used at all in the FREE VERSION or
    if you have automatic backups disabled in the PRO VERSION. The automatic backup
    service doesn't run in the background consuming your phones resources like other
    apps. It uses the alarm service on your phone to notify DriverDiary when it
    should perform a backup so it is quick and efficient.

    ***PLEASE: If you encounter any bugs or errors, please email us or use the
    "Report" button so we can attempt to resolve the issue before leaving a bad
    rating and/or a bug report in the comments. We can't reply to the comments to
    help you or notify you when the bug is fixed. We fix bugs quickly when they
    arise and we want you to contact us. DriverDiary is built on customer
    suggestions and feedback and we want to earn that 5 star rating from

    Please leave a review for DriverDiary if you download it and use it. Let
    others know what you think!

    Any comments or suggestions for future versions, please email us and let us
    know! We want your feedback!

    -Added a few new currencies
    -Added a price field to the parts section
    -Added miles driven since last fillup to fill up details screen (Main odometer)
    -Fixed reminder alerts not being sent
    -Fixed rare force close saving fill up record in non-US locale
    -Fixed force close when returning from call on certain phones
    -Fixed force close when saving pictures on certain phones (PRO VERSION ONLY)
    -Fixed import/export to include receipt image names (PRO VERSION ONLY)

    -Fixed issue adding fill-up while using non-US locale
    -Fixed fuel entry sorting when there are multiple entries on the same day

    -Added option to reset Sync date in settings (PRO VERSION ONLY)
    -Fixed issue adding fill-up while using Rupees as currency
    -Fixed links to website and social media
    -A couple other minor bug fixes

    -Added new menu to list items for easier edit/delete/view and to alleviate confusion that entries cannot be edited. Long press to edit/delete is no longer used
    -Fixed force close on account screen on Honeycomb (PRO VERSION ONLY)
    -A couple other minor bug fixes

    -Fixed reminders not displaying the correct next date/distance
    -Fixed reminders issuing a blank notification
    -Fixed syncing of reminders (PRO VERSION ONLY)
    -Fixed rare force close on Add Vehicle screen
    -Updated help for reminders
    -Updated About screen

    -Added service reminders
    -Added notes field to parts screen
    -Added notes field to vehicles screen
    -Fixed distance display not changing to km on service types screen
    -Fixed min fuel efficiency in stats to ignore 0
    -Fixed min/max/avg miles in stats when using main odometer

    -Changed sync service url due to new website. This
    update is mandatory for Pro users that use the sync feature. (PRO VERSION

    -Fixed data connection detection for sync feature (PRO VERSION ONLY)
    -Fixed first sync on additional devices (PRO VERSION ONLY)
    -Fixed date output in CSV export file
    -Fixed force close when importing a CSV file
    -Enhanced speed of CSV import

    -Added notification to automatic backup (PRO VERSION ONLY)
    -Changed fuel price to always display with the trailing 9
    -Fixed force close on fuel efficiency chart
    -Fixed main odometer records being pulled out of order causing innacurate and
    sometimes negative fuel efficiency (Sleepy code :))
    -Attempt to workaround backup/restore issue on Android 2.2.1 devices
    (Thunderbolt and Desire HD)

    -Added automatic backup options (PRO VERSION ONLY)
    -Added option to include/exclude partial fill-ups in calculations
    -Updated help screen
    -Fixed force close when trying to add/edit a fill-up entry in European/maybe
    other locales
    -Fixed summary screen being blank after two or more fill-ups when using main
    -Fixed force close on fuel efficiency chart
    and adding fuel records
    -Fixed fuel efficiency calculation when using main odometer and first fill-up
    is marked as missed previous

    -Modified data shown on service types screen
    -Fixed force close on two charts when a vehicle does not yet have any fill-up
    -Fixed force close on Honeycomb

    -Updated error reporting. Please use the \"Report\" button to send force
    close information to us so we can resolve the issue quickly
    -Modified the import process a little and added a help link
    -Fixed small bug in fuel efficiency calculation when using main odometer
    -Fixed field validation on a couple screens that clears the data
    -Fixed choosing a default vehicle where previous default wasn't
    -Fixed rare force close on charts
    -A couple other minor bug fixes

    -Added miles display to last service on home screen
    -Changed tank capacity on vehicle to allow decimals
    -Fixed force close on charts when average fuel economy is still 0

    -Fixed force close that happened occasionally when restoring data
    -Fixed force close when when adding fill up
    -Fixed occasional force close on first launch when adding a vehicle
    -Fixed L/100km calculation

    -Fixed bug that causes force close on charts
    -Fixed bug for validation on adding a vehicle that causes the data to be
    cleared when required field is not entered
    -A couple other minor bug fixes

    -Added charts
    -Fixed bug when adding vehicle without a name
    -Fixed bug where default driver is not automatically selected when entering a
    fill up
    -A couple other small bug fixes

    -Fixed sync bug cuasing a force close (PRO VERSION ONLY)

    -Fixed sync bug with some records not being transferred to server (PRO
    -A couple other minor bug fixes

    -Added MPG(UK) unit of measure (slight oversight :))
    -Added ability to clear/reset data (Menu -> Data Tools) from selected
    tables or all data. (PRO USERS: If you use the sync feature, please read the
    note on the reset data screen)
    -Fixed bug with UK/Imperial MPG calculations
    -Fixed force close when submitting some empty fill up values
    -Fixed last sync date storing as an unreadable date (PRO VERSION ONLY)
    -A few other minor bug fixes

    -Initial Release
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