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    UCCW skins are the latest trend in theming and usability. UCCW stands for Ultimate Custom Widgets. Developers of "Shamrock Studios" have put together a new "Cards UI" UCCW skin. This skin is inspired by the Cards in Google Now. The app contains 44 custom cards/skins. Every essential app is included. All cards contain functioning or editable hotspots which will take you to the app indicated on the particular card. This has to be one of the most interesting Homescreen looks that I have seen in a while. It tends to be very eye catching.


    Setup is pretty simple. Choose a UCCW widget from your widgets, a list of installed cards will appear, choose the widget you would like to add. Adding or editing a hotspot to the widget is just as simple. If you don't like the placement of the included hotspot click the menu betton and turn lock widgets/hotspots to off, click the widget you added, uccw will open, click assign hotspot, find the app shortcut, then enable hotspots again. This app can be had for only $2.60 on the Play Store.

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