App Backup/ Rom install questions?

Discussion in 'Android Roms' started by littleneutrino, Sep 22, 2010.

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    I have never installed a rom on my Droid (1), I rooted the phone a while back however, I am still running the Stock 2.2 build FRG22D.

    When BuglessBest v0.5 is released I want to install this on my phone.
    From what I understand the Process is VERY simple. However, here are my questions.

    1. Once I do this will it be like day one are all my apps Erased?
    2. If that is the case is there a way to back up just the apps and put them back on once I have put BBv0.5 on?
    3. If not then is my only option to create a list and then manually install each app once I have BBv0.5 Installed?
    4. If I use ClockWork Mod to make a Backup of my phone before I install BBv0.5 and decide that i do not like it and flash that backup file is it like i never did anything at all?
    5. Finally once I put BBv0.5 on my phone should I change the base band or Kernel as well?
    6. And if so is there a Best/Worst base band/Kernel to use?
    Sorry for the n00b questions however, if I am going to do it I would rather I do it correctly and not Brick my phone.

    Last time I customized a phone was back with the Razor came out!
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    1) You will have to wipe data and cache when you install the ROM. Get Titanium Backup from the market to backup all your apps first.

    2) See #1 :)

    3) See #1 & #2

    4) When you restore the Clockwork backup, your phone will be just like you left it ...

    5) Not sure you can change the baseband - think that's in the ROM itself. The kernel is a trial/error process. If it runs well don't worry about changing it.

    6) Each phone reacts different to kernels so you'll have to feel them out on your phone ...

    Happy flashing!