[APP] AOKPush Brings All The Builds To Your Devices!

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    Team Kang recently announced that moving forward they will be utilizing a nightly style system when it comes to releasing builds for AOKP. Their build bot will push out these nightlies once every four days. You can expect a Milestone build once a month. If you want to stay up to date on the latest builds and use the all the latest and greatest goodies being submitted to the rom by Team Kang devs you are in luck! One of the lead developers "Sethyx" has created an app called AOKPush which pushes notifications to your device whenever a build is completed and ready to be downloaded! You will receive all the latest test builds as well as any random messages from the team. There are four feeds you can subscribe to. The Milestone feed alerts you when Stable Milestone builds are ready to go, Nightly feed alerts you when Official Nightly builds are ready, Test feed alerts you when unofficial test releases are ready, Fun feed pushes messages from Team Kang.

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