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    Location Saver allows you to save locations and places so you can get back to them later. Do not need to remember locations on the map any more.
    - Save, search and edit locations with your custom name, phone number, address, note, picture.
    - Save locations by getting your current location or arbitrary location on the map.
    - Search all contacts within specific radius from your position.
    - Add contact to favourite list, so that you could get that contact easily.
    - Draw path and estimate duration, distance from your current location to contact location.
    - Share your contact locations via SMS, email, facebook,..
    - Save last time your visited location automatically, get location current weather status.
    - Using lock pattern with app start-up to protect your private information.
    - Backup and restore your contact easily by uploading file to Google Drive and/or device storage.
    DOWNLOAD LINK : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nht.locationsaverfinal

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