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    Hi there!

    Who's here that own Razr Maxx have tried to move apps to SD in order to have more internal phone space that can also help reduce lag to the phone? I had OG Droid that lacked of storage space and with App2SD; I could just move apps to SD Card so I get to install more apps to the phone. OTH, with Bionics I am having problem doing it as there are 2 internal memories to the phone from its advertised 16GB. Whenever I move apps to SD, the application moves eligible apps to the 2nd storage instead of going to SD card like in my OG Droid. The problem with such method is that it screws around when phone is connected to PC (2nd storage is missing from My Computer) and missing apps that won't return back once unplugged. I see that Razr Maxx is exactly have the same storage system, Do you guys found the same trouble as with Bionic?
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