[APP][2.3+] My APK - New apk extractor and more

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    This is my new android app for supporting extract apk from installed application.
    Basic Features:
    - Extract installed applications from device.
    - See an application in very detail experience (useful for developers: all activities, services, broadcast receivers, content providers).
    - Filter applications by system app or non system app.
    - Easy to find your applications.
    - Send applications file to other devices.
    - Uninstall applications.
    - See other applications on play store that similar to.
    - Light and fresh skin

    Pro Features:
    - Batch mode for extracting and saving apk file ( be able to select all)
    - Be able to custome default folder
    - Be able to rename your apk file before extracting ( single extraction only)

    Screen shot:

    Free version
    Pro version

    If you face with bugs or have any suggessions, please let me know and I will do my best. [​IMG]
    Thank you.