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    Hi all,

    I'd like to announce the CatchGuard - talking phone alarm. Free, no ads.

    Warn, scare and embarrass anyone trying to snoop on your phone with talking CatchGuard alarm. It has 2 modes of triggering the motion alarm: instant detection and a 'guard' mode. Guard mode detects if your device was left and automatically starts the detection. Create your own warning profile for different scenarios: protect, warn or silently warn by texting or call. Easy to use, no ads, no network permission needed.

    Get it here: CatchGuard on Google Play

    * 12 included sounds + custom sound (any ringtone)
    * Talking alarm (text-to-speech) with speech settings
    * Variable alarm length (5 to 180 sec)
    * Record custom alarm message
    * Guard mode - auto start when device is left
    * Silent alarm by text to any number
    * Adjustable alarm delay
    * Combined warnings types
    * Calibration and others

    Can be used in 2 modes: "Instant" and "Guard" mode. In instant mode CatchGuard reacts on movement immediately after start. In Guard mode, detection starts if device is left for a certain period of time (can be set).


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