[APP][2.3.3+][Free]Simply Alarm Lite-Minimalistic, Holo Themed, Pebble Integrated

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    Simply Alarm Lite is a Minimalistic, Holo Themed Alarm App with Pebble Smart Watch Integration. Anyone can enjoy this simple to use Alarm App. Pebble Smart Watch owners, this is the Alarm App you have been waiting for!

    The smart "One Time Alarm Management" feature makes it incredibly easy and intuitive to manage your alarms.

    Silent Alarm feature allows you to get vibrations to your Pebble Smartwatch without audible alarm.

    Create one time alarms or repeating alarms (for however many days of the week you require).

    Get a Pebble Daily Overview of today's alarms when your phone boots

    Pebble Smartwatch Specific Features:
    -Receive a Pebble Notification presenting you a daily overview of your alarms when your phone boots and by tapping the in-app Pebble icon.
    -Pebble specific app preferences allow you to enable/disable Pebble Notifications, set the number of Pebble Vibrations (limited to 2 vibrations in lite version) for Alarms and enable/disable boot time Pebble Daily Overview.

    Alarm Specific Features:
    -Create alarms with visual feedback for alarm type based on category you have selected: Alarm, Nap, Task or even Timer. You also have the option to make these alarms repeat every day or on specific days of the week or have them ring only once (and either get removed from the list or turned off depending on Smart One Timer Alarm setting).

    Available for free on the Google Play Store: