[APP][2.2+] Tap4Video - Record videos with just 1 tap!

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    Hi everyone,

    We would like to announce Tap4Video, an application developed for any Android 2.2+ device that allows to record a video instantly with just one tap!

    No need to do extra action or wait for unnecessary animations to end. Just tap on the application's icon and the video recording will start immediately. The recorded video can be saved to the external storage or discarded in case you don't like it :D

    When the application is installed two icons will be available in the launcher (to record with or without flash).

    > Screenshots

    Not too much to show, sorry!

    > Download

    Tap4Video can be bought from the Play Store at 0.99€ (~1.3$): Buy Tap4Video
    (we may release a free version in the near future)

    Never miss a video again! ;) And we hope you like it.