[APK] Froyo Leak / DL30 - fully debinged Browser

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    All credit goes to dhoard over at XDA Developers.....Enjoy

    Orig link: [APK] Froyo Leak / DL30 - fully debinged Browser - xda-developers

    [​IMG] [APK] Froyo Leak / DL30 - fully debinged Browser
    Attached is the Froyo Leak / DL30 - fully debinged Browser.

    1. No default bookmarks.
    2. VZW bookmarks can be deleted
    3. Search via URL uses Google
    4. http://www.google.com is the default homepage


    you are responsible for anything you do to your phone


    To install ...

    Backup the existing /system/app/Browser.apk or rename it
    Copy the attached file to your phone's SD card
    Rename the attached file to Browser.apk
    Copy the newly renamed Browser.apk from your SD card to /system/app
    Reboot your phone.

    Note : You made need to clean your dalvik cache

    To verify URL search ...

    Enter search terms for the URL .... verify it goes to Google to search

    To verify Bookmark deletion ...

    Launch the browser
    Click on the bookmark icon
    Long press on VZW bookmark
    Scroll and select "Delete bookmark" ... verify that you get a message that Bookmark <name> will be deleted.
    Click OK

    Download .apk:
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