AOKP incomplete and not working right.

Discussion in 'Droid RAZR MAXX' started by d1rtd1ver1, Jun 25, 2012.

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    Why do these devs and ppl who port this shot to phones do that when a Rom doesn't even fully work right. I'm not the only person who keeps losing service, data, and Bluetooth connectivity on the maxx and has to continually reboot in the hopes that the service returns. It's getting ridiculous cause every time I go to use my phone something isn't working. I downloaded the Rom from droidhive, I followed the tutorials on utube, so it isn't that I got a bad file or flashed wrong. The **** just doesn't work right.
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    I would imagine that they do it because what they are doing is extremely hard to do and not everyone has the know how or inclination to do it. I would also venture to guess that they are doing the best they can to undo what is done by the highly paid coders at Google and our local carriers. Another guess would be that most people are happy with the ROMS since they themselves could do no better at it, thus the reason they don't.

    If you are unhappy with the ROM you should use the Razr Utility in the hacks section to fastboot back to whatever stock version you were on. Most of these DEVS put the things that don't work on the instructions for the ROM, so the better question would be why would anyone install a ROM that they are not satisfied with the broken stuff on it.

    This phone runs amazing stock even with the bloatware, and with all of the after market launchers and add-ons I see no point for a ROM (IMHO). I don't like fixing things that are not broken, which in turn breaks them. Stay stock ICS should be out for all soon, that should make most people happy. I say most but probably not, there is also something to complain about. :biggrin:
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