Anyone with PhotoShop/Gimp experience - PLEASE HELP?!

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    I'm trying to make the attached image a larger FILE SIZE so I can apply it to my LWP. I have been working on it all day and cannot get it to apply. ( Get a blank screen when applying LWP )

    The LWP works with the current pyramid_background.png which is 650 x 600 and 320 KB.

    I cannot get the KB to match up for the life of me. Everytime I save this as a jpg ( Which I would later rename to .png ) the file size is too small. I tried just pasting a new layer over the pyramid_background.png but it doesn't work. It's been my experience that the file needs to be a .jpg file and then the extension changed to .png after dropping in the LWP file using 7zip. At least that has always worked for me before.

    If there is anyone who would be willing to help me make this jpg 650x600 @ 320kb I would forever be in your debt. ( Original pyramid_background.png was 317kb )

    I don't mean to bother anyone but I figured if there was any body who could make this work for me, they would be in this forum.

    Thank you in advance to anyone who helps me.

    EDIT: Gflam... I have attached the LWP file that I have been using/modifying with luck ( Before now. :icon_evil: ) You will have to change the extension from .zip to .apk. Thanx for the offer and the help. I look forward to hearing if and HOW you made it work!
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