Anyone using dual charger?

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    I, like many of you have gotten an extended battery due to short life span of a fully charged default battery.
    I didn't expect miracles by using the extended 2100mAh battery, since it's only 10-15% larger than the original.

    So now I have two batteries, and I use them both throughout the day's usage of my nexus prime.
    What I don't have is an easy way to charge both of them. I've been putting my phone on the charger for a while and trying to remember to switch batteries after a while. This is a primitive method and I need to improve on it.

    I started looking for dual battery chargers, and googled "nexus prime dual charger". My search only revealed few hits, no doubt because the phone is so new, however, the few that it found, have some potential, at least I hope so.

    First things first, they are FleBay hits, so I don't expect OEM quality.
    What I am hoping for is that some of you have already gotten them and can give me some feedback. :blink:

    The first one is this: Sync USB Dock Battery Dual Charger Cradle For Samsung Galaxy Nexus Prime i9250

    Then there is this: Dual Dock USB Sync Cradle Charger + Battery for Samsung Galaxy Nexus Prime i9250
    and it even comes with a 2300mAh battery. Even if the battery is junk and only lasts few months (if at all), it's still something to consider.

    BTW, in reading some of the descriptions of the product, it appears that this may not be made specifically for our beloved Nexus Prime, so the fit may not be exact. :frown:

    So, with all of that said, have you used ANY dual battery chargers that you can recommand? Last thing I want is to blow up my phone :frown::frown::frown:

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