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    Neuigkeiten von 2.1 -

    German to English translation[​IMG]Show romanization


    Times I just want to give a status update about the upcoming 2.1-Update1. My usual disclaimer is to the end.

    - It is hard at work. Most work in it seems complete. I briefly mentioned the version looks for me from finished, and has already been completed for all versions of the Country. So, will soon be the standard Google start procedure and Provider Approval

    - The 2.1-upgrade1 will support PROBABLY Live Wallpapers. DIe me to do this, the versions in any case

    - There are (at least to me) unknown Live Wallpapers PROBABLY be pre-installed

    - There will be a launcher similar to 2.0.1 using the launcher, but with a 3/5/7/9 home screens (this is not news). The launcher is very liquid, very smooth.

    - There are "Facebook" accounts supported (ie set up as a proper accounts)

    - Other Exchange Rules (unlock by password for Bildschirmlock, so it supports the unlock-requirements), some Exchange accounts, the email client can now. Read oeffnen eml files /.

    - New Applications:
    - Camcorders
    - Facebook app preinstalled
    - Language
    - New vehicle functions
    - Own Quickoffice application

    - Camera: new! Now supports widescreen, has a new (nicer) menu, GPS and location-tags, custom tags are supported
    Camcorders (video) has 2 settings, D1, QVGA quality, custom tags and GPS / local tags
    The tags are switched on or off

    - Key feedback (eg when Unlock) a little softer (I prefer)

    - Error correction of the HW keyboard

    - Bug fixes: Mp3 dropouts fixed, notification problem fixed in the Market, browsing was removed, then subjectively the fastest browser (previously tested on the

    The information reported here have been tested to see whether they contain information that is not intended for the public.
    It must, however, clarified that the details listed below are the personal opinions that represent the impressions of a normal user, and are in no way constitute official information of the companies involved, in particular, but not limited to Google, Motorola, Vodafone, O2, or other any participating company to understand.
    All information contained herein has been created to inform users of the Motorola Milestones on the status of the upcoming 2.1 upgrade, but from the perspective of a user.
    All information is, because here is a 'work described in-progress update, only preliminary in nature and can be supplemented by further information, restricted or otherwise modified.
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    Yeah, that's the Milestone though, not the Droid (hence the German site). For whatever that is worth.