Anyone out there purchase the one plus 6 red edition on day of release?

Discussion in 'Android Forum' started by matepro, Aug 1, 2018.

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    I purchased the one plus 6 color red and while I mainly use Apple I also enjoy a few of the Android devices. My favorite although I really don't consider then to truly be Android is Huawei Honor. I write professionally and also have a professional mobile tech profile which I write a lot of professional free Lance articles mostly about Huawei and why EMUI is not a true Android device and nor was it intended to be compared to stock Android like it is in every single review on the planet. Of course it's certainly not IOS either. 3 to 5 years I feel stringly that Huawei will leave Android after they have fully finished building their platform and plethora of their own apps that I think they are already halfway there if you look at the sheer number of EMUI and Huawei apps on the play store right now. They like apple will eventually become their own entity have a a similar ecosystem to that of apples.

    Anyways sorry to get totally off topic. The one plus 6 red is no doubt the fastest device on the market actually much faster than the iPhone X which I always thought to be very fast. This one plus 6 is a pretty amazing device.

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