Anyone know if I can take my Bionic to Germany?

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    I have a rooted verizon bionic that I want to take to germany. I do not want to pay verizons fees because they are a lot, and I am only there for 2-3 weeks... The bionic has a removable sim and I was thinking that I may be able to get some kind of paygo sim and put it in so that I may at least make calls... I can then get my wife a regular paygo phone (she does not have a usable phone)...At least that way we can communicate as we travel.
    Anyone know if this will work?

    I need a phone for a few reasons.... inter travel communications, between my wife and myself and our kids as we travel around germany... AND I need the ability to be reached from the US.... so I need a number that people can call and get me, without paying a fortune.

    Anyone have other suggestions or ideas?

    As far as reaching me, I found I can get a local number and call forward to my german number as soon as I get it,... rates are about 10 cents a minute..... I think this will work ok, but I am not sure
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