Anybody getting duplicate pics/videos?

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    Duplicate pics/videos?

    Hi, All:

    I have had my HTC Incredible for about two weeks. I think it is great! I used to have the BlackBerry Curve (that is like the horse-n-buggy.)

    Some of the photo's and videos that I take with my Droid become duplicates. Yes, copies. When I view the photo or video from the camera or camcorder I see some of the photo's/videos are copies. (I have seen other post about galleries and folders-- this does not appear to be that issue.)

    My first notice of a problem was after I shot about 8 videos and downloaded them to my pc. The videos and pics were all transferred to my pc. Later I shot new videos. When I went to the camcorder I saw the old video clips (the ones that had been transferred/deleted) as representations of the new video.

    I wonder if this is a bug or am I missing something in how my Droid should be? Is there a fix for this problem?


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