Any way to get just the camera app from Cyanogenmod 6?

Discussion in 'HTC Droid Incredible' started by Dinc_User, Sep 26, 2010.

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    I've been playing with various roms, and find that i really like skyraider. however, the camera works exactly the same as stock - you have to pull out the screen to toggle between camera and camcorder. the camera with cyanogenmod has a switch right on screen to toggle between camera and camcorder, which is much easier. is there any way to get this camera by itself?

    is there a camera app in the marketplace that is better than the stock app, and which has a button or switch to toggle between camera and camcorder?

    i also had an issue with my camera which i seem to have solved. the camera would take a picture, but wouldn't save it. by changing the settings to tell the camera to save to the sd card instead of the phone, the problem was solved. anyone know why this happened?

    btw, i am running skyraider 3.0 vanilla and love it. i was going to upgrade to 3.2 rc, but noticed that it was a "sense" version, and wasn't sure I could install it over the top of the vanilla version. anyone know if that would work, or do i need to install the 3.0 sense version first?
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