Any musicians here?

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    Any musicians/percussionists here? There are like no apps for musicians. Id really like a *good* metronome app that mimic a DB-90/Dr. Beat. A truly programmable metronome. Mobile Metronome is the best one I could find, but still has its limitations. For instance, you can only set the time signature so that the quarter note or eighth note get the beat. For most, this is sufficient, but for many percussion solos, we need more than that, like 16th notes, and half notes. Also, the ability to program a series of measures for a song or solo. This series would allow changes in tempo as well as time signature.

    Also, I wish there was some sort of notation program similar to finale or sibelius. Something that would allow you to input notes on a staff and hear them played back on various instruments. Obviously it wouldn't have near the capabilities of finale/sibelius because those are such extensive programs, but it would be cool if there was a very watered down version just so we could write down a melody or something and hear it back.

    Lastly, I wish there were some like educational tools. Ie, an app that has all original 40 rudiments as well as hybrids, and maybe even the ability to hear them played back repeatedly on a loop until stopped at 3 or 4 different tempo. Or for wind players, an app that would show the various fingering for different notes and stuff. I wouldn't think any of this should be ok complicated. I intend to start learning some code and how to write apps and might attempt some of this on my own. But if there are any musicians on here who have experience writing apps, it would be greatly appreciated if you were willing to tackle this. For a really good metronome app, I'd be willing to buy it, and I'm sure many others would too considering the fact that a Dr beat costs $100+.
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