Any impressions of the FRG83D update?

Discussion in 'Android General Discussions' started by nateccnn, Dec 9, 2010.

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    I posted about my issue with Exchange settings several months ago and it seemed like I was the only one experiencing it. Every time I rebooted my Droid it would require me to update my security settings for Exchange. I made no changes to the data. Just went into settings, change server settings, allow the server certificates and everything worked fine until I rebooted the phone again. Annoying but still functional.

    I just installed a rooted version of the update from Metickone and rebooted the phone. Email came in right away. Calendar was updated. No need to apply any security settings at all. Nice! Installed Pete's standard voltage 1000 kernel and rebooted again. Still no need to update security settings. Nice!

    So something changed in the Mail App. I am happy!

    I have not played with anything else. I am really hoping the Gallery cache issue is fixed. But right now I am on a mission to clean my SD card and phone storage. I am out of space on both. For now, these are my observations and I am a very happy droid camper.