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    I know this is a weird question, but i recently just got a Google voice account, and i just use it for voicemail. I want my prerecorded awesome droid guy talking, and Google voice doesnt seem to have an upload file option. from my hour of googling all i could get was a gizmo solution, but gizmo accounts can no longer be made. Is their any way i could make my phone just play the file to the record lady without going through speakers? (the low pitched voice really gets deteriorated through speakers and a mic) This is in hack forum because im hoping that i can somehow get a hack that allows me to just cover the mic so 0 sound is recorded from me, but i somehow play a mp3 and it gets recorded through the Operating system... if that makes sense. (like if i play an mp3 on a pc and hit record, it records it without actually having a mic)