Any apps to capture logs? Problem with Mozy Sync

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    Are there any apps out there that are trustworthy and capture log files? I use Mozy for backing up my home computer and thought I would put Mozy Sync (cloud) on my phone to have a place for my photos and videos to automatically upload. For some reason it won't work, their tech service has tried about everything they can think of and say it's got to be something on my phone that causing it to not upload. I can sign out of it, sign back in, and manually upload a pic to sync but when I try to do another it says mozy sync is not set up for this account. I sign out and back in, it works fine. It will not automatically upload a picture regardless.
    They have said the only other thing they could do is look at my log files to try and find what app (or something) might be blocking it. They won't suggest a 3rd party log capture app.
    Should I bother to keep trying to figure this out? Or should I just find somewhere else to upload them. I wanted everything to all be in one place (home and phone) but seems it's not going to happen. What other cloud services do you like, that automatically upload photos and videos? I want to be able to view them from my desktop as well and I want them uploaded in the same resolution.
    Thanks for your insight!
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    I use mx log collector from the play store. Hope that helps.

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