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    Hey. Not gonna beat around the bush here.......

    I have been trying to get Liberty 2.0.1 to work with a few of the addons listed and I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. I just simply downloaded and let this awesome ROM do the rest. But..... I have this app. I love to run. It's called "Better Keyboard". Anybody who has this keyboard, knows it is better for slightly larger hands. I wanted to try to see if it would work by choosing this app. instead of the keyboard that came with the ROM and the Linear theme. I changed the input method and now when I go to open my text messages, it tells me "this app. is not installed".

    I can't set up my email (for my account either). Just a few instructions for a fix would be excellent. I would like to be able to use the Better Keyboard, or the "Thumb Keyboard". Any one who is more educated than my Rookie butt, all instructions well heeded, yet easy on the constructive criticism. "If you don't know then you shouldn't be here". Hey.....I've bricked my effin' phone just as many times as any frickin' body else out there, and all I gotta say is......"THANK YOU RSD!!!!!" LOL If it's too complicated I will just SBF back to stock with RSD Lite. One more thing....Can anyone tell me EXACTLY what the difference between Wy Contacts, Contacts, and AOSP Contacts. I know it's alot, but I really want to keep Liberty and be a part of this great movement for Unlocked Bootloaders. It's really cool, ya know, to see what these amazing devs (please don't me try to name all of them) LOL, can accomplish. All this hard work is greatly appreciated. Much gratitude.

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