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    This is what I want to do and need some help...
    I want to tether my Droid to my computer ok no big deal but our cell signal is sometimes in and out. I have a
    308401 Wilson Electronics' Dual Band Trucker Cellular Antenna mounted outside and a cable coming inside and right now it has an adapter that is hook up to my um150 pc card. I want to do away with card and just use the Droid for my internet.
    I contacted Wilson to see if there was adapter that can be use for the Droid and the only thing they said would work is the Universal adapter that Velcro's to the back of the phone and that there is no plug in type.
    Now my question for you? is there any way around this? I read somewhere that with this phone you can use a Linksys Wireless-G 54Mbp USB 2.0 Network Adapter is there some jack on this you can use to hook the antenna up?
    Can you use the Network Adapter, be tethered and hook up a antenna all at the same time?
    Any other suggestion? I am also trying to not spend a bunch of money either to do this
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