Anroid L Theme On Your Verizon HTC One M8 Via Onox ROM

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    If you are craving Android L on your Verizon HTC One M8 developer "okibi" just the rom for you. His rom "Onox" brings you Android L styling on a Sense base meaning you get the look of material from Android L without losing any of the Sense features you have come to use on a daily basis. The features list of this rom is pretty long. Features include all of the Android L features, de-odexed and fully debloated, improved 3G/4G/and wifi, removed volume warning, root, busybox, improved battery life, mobile hotspot hacked (does not report back to verizon), performance optimized, zip-aligned, tweaked file system for better speed, reduced lag, tweaked for speed, stability focused, buttery smooth, improved call quality, custom reboot menu and more!

    You will need to be rooted, with a custom recovery installed. You will need to flash both the Rom file and the Gapps package which can both be found at the link below. The rom has been completely debloated, however there is an HTC apps package that can be flashed along side both the Rom and Gapps files.

    Via XDA
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