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    So I was just able to sell that mistake Motorola calls an X2 and I'm eligible for an upgrade soon. The phone that appeals most to me is the thunderbolt but it seems you have to root it to get the phone to work to it's potential but I don't want to HAVE to root a phone to get it to work well. I'd rather have rooting be something I can do for fun, on my own time. That coupled with it being a single core and still being on froyo, I think I'll pass.

    So I need the phone to be 4G, run netflix, have a FFC and preferably dual core, and not have froyo.

    I know the Droid 3 and Bionic are coming out soon but after having an X2, anything with Motorola on the front makes me very, very scared. I don't like blur, I HATE the pentile screen, I don't like locked bootloaders. (It's depressing how much I hate moto now when I love my OG droid so much)

    I'm also not a huge fan of samsung and their plastic feeling phones or touchwiz but I could possibly be made a believer. (the sgs2 looks pretty sweet)

    I really love the seamless smooth sense, and the feel of HTC phones.

    After reading my own post I kind of think I should just stick it out with my OG until HTC brings something better to the table, which I'm fine with, I'd just like other users input on the matter.
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    Sounds like you're waiting for the SGSII. By what your wants are. HTC doesn't have anything like what you're asking coming, at least that I've heard, this year. Tough choice, but i'd say either the Bionic or SGSII.

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