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Discussion in 'HTC Rezound' started by RacingTiger03, Dec 1, 2011.

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    I just received my WR rezound today finally allowing me to ditch the bionic. First impression.. :blink::icon_ banana:dancedroid. Why was this not how the BIONIC was built!? Build quality is absolutely on par with moto in this thing, something I never expected from HTC. It feels great in my hand regardless of the heft, and it's no worse than what my OG was *shrug*. Signal quality... I downloaded the hot pursuit trial in the time it took me to type this! Haven't run the speedtest yet cause I'm still downloading apps and random stuff lol. The picture is absolutely amazing on here, both the ones it takes, and the actual quality on screen! and I've only had it running for an hour.. but it's already beat all of my bionics, instant on 4g>3g, no data drop, and the infamous test by turning on CDMA only. NO DROP! So glad I twisted VZW's arm into sending me this.. lol.

    Sad side.. I don't get to check out the ibeats headphones, as they didn't send those with the refurb. Anyone wanna send me a set to use on my runs? LOL.

    They did send me a $40 charger with a 9' cord.. I can't complain too much, also two backs to the phone, and an extra SIM card *shrug*.

    Ran speedtest. Same as bionic - ~25 down ~ 8 up. On a different tower downtown 15 down 10-12 up
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    The phone is a beast period. I had the bionic too. This phone to me is the best 4G phone if not THE BEST phone on verizon right now....for the next couple months. Somehow I don't think the Samsung will be as reliable as this., I still think this phone is better.