Another Month Another Snapshot, CyanogenMod M10 Now Available

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    CyanogenMod has been hard at work preparing the next Snapshot build of Kit Kat for your Android device. Another month has passed and anther M build is now available. CyanogenMod 11 M10 has been released for lots of devices. For those of you who aren't familiar CM releases nightly builds which are built by bots. These builds are not as stable since a human has not compiled them. Basically as changes are made to the code it is automatically integrated into nightlies without human oversight. With that CM has put together a monthly release cycle to provide a stable build that has been debugged by a human. The latest build brings some new features and fixes.

    ChangeLog For M10

    -New Devices: Galaxy S5 Sprint (kltespr)

    -Split out Note 3 into GSM (hlte), Sprint (hltespr) and Verizon (hltevzw)

    -Refactor moto_msm8960dt as ‘ghost’ for Moto X 2013

    -Drop support for obake, toro, toroplus

    -Theme Engine: Themes support for additional UI elements

    -Frameworks & Core Apps: CAF and other upstream updates

    -Settings: Add scramble pin feature

    -Frameworks: Long press recent apps to switch to last used app

    -Settings: Add soft reboot option

    -Add smart cover support

    -Add glove mode support

    -Add bug reporter and crash log uploader and more

    These builds are being compiled as we speak. Once builds are completed they will be posted on the Cyanogen Mod download page. Head to the link below to grab the download for your device. Keep in mind every device won't be supported.

    Via CyanogenMod
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