Another 'In The Wild' Glimpse of the Moto X; This Time on Video

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    The above video was edited and slowed down by folks at

    Hot on the heels of the latest pic of the Moto X in the hands of none other than Google's own Eric Schmidt, we now have an "in the wild" video of the device. The video above is a slowed down version of a video clip shared on Google+ by the blogger Robert Scoble. Mr. Scoble is at a small private Motorola event, and is filming it (with permission) using Google Glass.

    At first the video seems innocuous enough. It starts off with the artist Daria Musk playing the guitar, but quickly moves around the event. Very briefly we get a glimpse of the Moto X phone being used by another Motorola executive (Rick Osterloh, the Senior Vice President for Product Management at Motorola). He is taking a picture of the guitar player. Scoble later posted this video to his Google+ page (which we have linked below). Here's a brief quote with more of the details,

    If you would like to see the unedited version of the video, here is the Google+ link by Robert Scoble: Scobleizer/posts/f7JvW6AHP2k
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