Another Battery Issue-Haven't seen this on the forum before

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    So, the title says it all. I have had my rezound for a couple of weeks. I actually had one when they first came out but could not justify $300 with no service at home at the time but I broke down when I got a good deal on ebay.

    So since getting it I have noticed the horrid battery drain from the acore process but I figured an extended battery would help turn 5 hours to 10, I could live with that. With my standard battery it would get hot (115 degrees F +) and would actually drain while on the charger and screen on. Battery Mix showed quick charge only at night.

    Moving to my extended battery. Got it in the mail today and have been charging it unsuccessfully. I got a 3500mAH from hyperion which has a great rating on ebay and amazon. Now I plug it into the charger and it will charge for 2 minutes then the LED flashes orange and green (overheating) for a minute then back to charging when screen on or off, power on or off. Here's the bass ackwords part, the battery temp of the extended battery has not gone over 77 degrees F in the 3 hours on the charger, apps running and screen on. I am baffled that it says overheating at battery temp 77 with ext battery but not with standard battery at 115+.

    What Gives? I know it is probably the phone at this point but am not sure if VZW will replace under warranty because it was not purchased from VZW. I do pay for the total equipment protection on my account and am afraid to call and ask just to find out they won't do anything under warranty/insurance.

    Any thoughts?
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    Almost every night I watch videos from the Rezound to my HDTV, and after two hours the standard battery temp goes up to around 110 F..

    I will often watch videos with airplane mode on to keep the temperature lower, but I don't really think 110 F is hot enough to cause battery damage. Btw, WiFi still works when in airplane mode, and I hear notifications when emails arrive. I start to get nervous at 110, but its probably fine to 140.

    Actually, just having the screen on for long periods raises the battery temperature. The screen is the largest user of battery power on all phones. I keep screen brightness as low as possible and still be able to read the screen, and did this on all my phones . I find my silicone protective case hurts temperature a little, so sometimes I take it off.

    I own two genuine HTC standard batteries, one came with phone, and one from Amazon. Also one genuine HTC extended battery from Verizon, and one genuine HTC thunderbolt extended battery from Amazon. The Amazon batteries cost $10 each. All 4 batteries can charge up with the screen on or off and without battery temps getting high. I think charging is faster with the screen off, but have not done any stop watch timing of charging times.

    I suspect your problem stems from buying batteries not made by HTC. Some non-Htc batteries have no temperature sensor, or may not work properly. After getting ripped off a few times from eBay sellers, I avoid eBay at all costs. One even needs to be a little careful with some Amazon merchants.

    You wanted higher capacity than HTC's extended battery, and you went to eBay, the best place to get ripped off.

    Of course you might have a bad battery, or even a bad phone or charger, but I suspect you got a badly designed Chinese ripoff copy of a reputable extended battery. They can even forge the battery label. It's not entirely clear where you bought the battery, but you mentioned eBay.

    In any case, I don't have the problems you describe. And as you said, others haven't written about such a problem.

    Is your charger the original HTC charger that came with the Rebound?

    The obvious possibilities are charger, battery, or phone.

    I'm not sure the above will help you.
    I'm having difficultly getting to sleep this evening.



    p.s. You mentioned you bought the phone used. There are charger rip-offs that look like a real factory charger, with forged label, and don't put our the 1 amp of power. Maybe your used Rezound came to you with a fake charger. I've seen pictures in peoples' reviews of chargers opened up showing the substandard innards compared to factory original.

    A cheap charger that isn't a switching power supply circuit does not deliver constant voltage. the higher the amperage load, the lower the voltage drops from what is specified on the label. maybe that's the cause of the blinking light, not temperature but low voltage from the charger?

    The more I think about it, the more I suspect you have a faulty charger. Go to a Verizon store, and ask to use a genuine 1 amp HTC charger for a little while. Watch your rezound charge in the store for half an hour. If the problems do not occur, then you just need a new charger.
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