Announce Callers Through Headset Only?

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    I tried the Sanity donate app and it did not accomplish what I want. About 1.5 ago I have a Pantech Duo running Windows Mobile 6 I think. Anyways it was able to announce the callers name and read my text to me aloud through the headset, not through the speakerphone. Is this even possible to do with android? This is part of the reason I dont hardly use my Moto Headset any more. Yes I could be hands free while driving but I usually have one hand on the wheel and one on my gear shifter(its an automatic with a console mounted shifter- 2003 Trailblazer to be exact) so whats the point really unless its a long covo which is unusual for me. Is this only possible with say a headset that supports A2DP? Its an H680 headset(not the frost version)

    Also with liberty rom(2.1) installed, is it possible to set my phone to where if I double tap home I get the voice actions prompt?
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