Angry Birds racing toward a new game

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    [h=1]Angry Birds racing toward a new game[/h] [​IMG] Rovio
    After flinging their way to outer space, the Angry Birds are now set to hit the race track.

    Is there nowhere their sharp talons can't reach? The Angry Birds have taken wing on Earth and in outer space. And now it appears they may be flapping their way to ... a race track?
    The Angry Birds will be watching over Heikki's head.

    Rovio has launched a website teasing what appears to be a new racing-themed game called "Angry Birds Heikki."
    Wait ... a new game so soon after the launch of "Angry Birds Space?" Well, more accurately, it's "an innovative and novel merchandise and webgame partnership."
    At least, that's how the website belonging to Finnish Formula 1 star Heikki Kovalainen (for whom the game is named) describes the game, which is scheduled to launch June 18.
    For its part, Rovio hasn't revealed any details about the new webgame. But it seems highly unlikely the company is planning to release anything that resembles a truly new Angry Birds title. What seems more likely is that "Angry Birds Heikki" will be a branded spinoff along the lines of "Angry Birds Rio." Same game mechanics. Different packaging. Brand new merchandising opportunities!
    [​IMG] Primesmith
    This Mighty Eagle ring will cost Angry Birds fans a pretty penny..

    Also, Heikki plans to wear an Angry Birds-themed helmet when he's flying around the racetrack.
    Speaking of new merchandising opportunities ... Rovio has also partnered with Finnish jewelry company Primesmith to create a line of fancy Angry Birds-themed jewelry.
    That's right, for a mere $290, you can have the Mighty Eagle wrapped around your finger.
    -- Via The Next Web, Forbes
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