Androlib revamped, estimates 1 billion Android apps downloaded in total

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    Androlib, a website where you can search and browse Android apps in a far more efficient way than the Android Market, has been revamped, with a complete visual overhaul and many new features.


    In addition to the website's overhaul, Androlib updated its Android application statistics, and now estimates that application downloads across the globe have surpassed 1 billion! That's billion with a B! Now, this one billion figure is merely an estimate, as nobody knows exactly the number of downloads, aside from Google. Techcruch had a chance to sit down with Nicolas Sorel, the lead developer of Androlib, who explained how this figure came about:

    With an estimation, surely there must be a margin of error, right?

    Now back to the new features you'll find on Androlib. Androlib has introduced a revamped advanced search, which will allow you to search apps by category, pricing (all, free, or paid), minimum rating, number of downloads, and keyword. And when browsing an app, Androlib will list for you a few other apps that may similarly interest you.


    You will also now find a new webpage, called the scoreboard. Here, you will find lists of the "best" apps. The lists include most rated, most rated by developer, top developer ratings, and top developer downloads. Neat, if you're looking for apps that the "experts" are using. A feature still in the works will be the ability for a developer to customize its own app's webpage and company page.

    No matter how you slice it, the Android Market is inadequate in the options it provides to browse, search, and filter apps. And considering the ever-growing pieces of junk code called "apps", Androlib may be a great interim solution, while you wait for Google to get its act together.

    Source Techcrunch, Androlib
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