Android to overtake App Store by 2012?

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    Android to overtake App Store by 2012?

    Right now, the Apple App Store is the most popular and successful of all app selling online stores around. That may not always be the case though. Just as Android is starting to take the lead from the iPhone in many markets, Android apps are catching up with the sales of iPhone apps too according to a new report. The report comes from Strategy Analytics.

    According to the report, the Android Market is set to overtake the App Store in quarterly volume by the end of 2012. The overall app economy is looking to be worth $2 billion per quarter by the end of 2012. The report does suspect the App Store to maintain the lead through 2012. The prediction is that Android will get help from other Android app markets to beat Apple[​IMG].
    The help for Android apps will come from the other markets like the Amazon App Store, GetJar, Nook, and other sources. Overall the app market is selling billions of paid apps monthly and downloads are expected to add up to about $2 billion by the end of 2012.
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