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    IIn three words: The Best App. This app is basically a must have for EVERY G1 user. I’m also surprised that T-Mo developed this app. It not only shows your subscribing info like minutes, texts, data etc but also your phone related info such level of battery, battery condition, storage. The app even has a HELP section. How good is that? The app is a really nice essential and I’m happy T-Mo got involved like this.

    T-Mobile My Account offers FREE instant access to your T-Mobile account. Check minutes, balance and Pay your bill all in one spot. (For your security, this application is not fully operational with WiFi turned ON. Please turn WiFi OFF before accessing.)

    My Account is a simple, obvious app, but one that could only ever come from the carrier itself. Luckily, T-Mobile had the sense and/or generosity to go ahead and make it, giving G1 owners full control over their T-Mo accounts through their handset. The app doesn’t provide much information that you couldn’t already access on the company’s website, but this app makes it pretty and puts it where it should be: on the handset. My Account is available for free in the Android Marketplace.

    T-Mobile has done all that and more with their first Android application
    “My Account”. Inside the app you will find heavily requested features such as current activity, bill summary, plan information, online payment, help guides, forums, battery info, storage info, and more. I’m having a hard time coming up with the words to explain how awesome this application is and it’s only the first release. If you have the G1, this is a must download.dancedroid

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