Android Stick Questions (specifically MK808B)

Discussion in 'Android General Discussions' started by MonKENy, Oct 24, 2013.

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    Im looking for a good alternative for my Dad to watch streaming movies/tv from his room

    Hes not greatly tech savvy. I like the ideas of the MK808 but to find any concise information is hard it seems.

    How easy is it to get working from a phone, meaning using his smart phone to control and be able to type from his phone?

    Will he be able to use the full website version of Hulu Plus?

    How hard is it to flash a new ROM? I see Finless mentioned a lot, Im assuming this is probably the best rom for the type of device?

    He will probably only really use it for watching netflix and hulu, maybe the occasional web search.

    Now if I were to get one for me however, how well does it handle uhhh lets say "adult situations" I just got a Note 3, how will it stack up?

    Any info would be great, what experiences do you guys have personally with android sticks?
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