android.process.acore not responding?

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    One of my favorite games is RoboDefense. When I've been playing it since I rooted my phone yesterday, I sporadically get this error:

    android.process.acore is not responding

    I've searched a bit and discovered various apps may be causing it, but I'm not running the mentioned apps. Everything else appears to be running fine (with the new ROM) - except my battery consumption seems to be significantly higher than it was before.

    An aLogCat output doesn't appear to reveal the source of the problem, but after I tell it to kill the process, here's the log entries:

    I/ActivityManager( 1036): Killing process android.process.acore (pid=4740) at user's request
    I/Process ( 1036): Sending signal. PID: 4740 SIG: 9
    W/InputManagerService( 1036): Window already focused, ignoring focus gain of:$Stub$Proxy@45acb7b8
    D/dalvikvm( 1036): GC freed 27470 objects / 952144 bytes in 234ms
    E/JavaBinder( 1036): !!! FAILED BINDER TRANSACTION !!!
    I/ActivityManager( 1036): Process android.process.acore (pid 4740) has died.
    I/WindowManager( 1036): WIN DEATH: Window{45c3b1c8 paused=false}

    Does this mean that the acore process is attached to the launcher, and that's what is dying?

    Would upgrading the ROM to BB v1.0 help this?
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