Android OS 3.0 - A Good Look Under Honeycomb's Hood

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    Here's something from our sister-site,! A preview was just released by The Android Developer's Blog of the Android 3.0/Honeycomb's Software Developer's Kit. You can check out this preview through the Android SDK and AVD manager. But, we know many of you guys either don't want to mess with downloading the SDK, or are just basically impatient like we are, so we are going to share a bunch of the juicy details for ya! ;)

    First, here are some major highlights directly from the Android Blog:
    But there's more! From digging deeper into it, we see a few of the interesting specifics emerge:
    1. New "holographic" UI
    2. Bottom "system bar" for global status and notifications
    3. Action bar for in-application controls
    4. Redesigned home screen customization
    5. Improved text selection/copy/paste (multi-select, clipboard, and drag-and-drop)
    6. New UI framework specifically for creating tablet apps, and an entirely new UI framework for widgets
    7. 2D and 3D hardware acceleration
    8. Native support for multi-core processors
    9. New Camera App
    10. Streamlined Customization for Homescreen (pictured above)
    And, there's even more on the Android Developers Blog! To whet your appetite, here is a link to more screenshots.

    Source: Android Developers Blog via and AndroidPolice
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    Android Honeycomb Demo Video

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