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    Since some of you showed interest in this last week, here are the official requirements from our site! There is a link at the end for the submission form, if you'd rather take that route!

    What is Screenshot Sunday?
    Screenshot Sunday is a weekly periodical that we do where we ask our readers/followers to submit screenshots to us so that we can showcase them into a single post every Sunday. We publish this post to the site and share it on all social networks that we are currently involved with so that our followers can see what was submitted that week. We give a bit of information about each screenshot and provide a link to Google+ or Twitter of the person who submitted the screenshot to us. We then put all entrants names into a poll and allow our readers to vote for who they think has the best screenshot of the week. We allow the poll to remain open until Wednesday evening at 6pm EST. At that time, we tally up the votes and announce a winner. The winner then receives an icon pack of their choice from several of our followers that do various types of graphics work. People that many of you know, such as StealthyChief, BlackBearBlanc, The1Dynasty, Jacek Malinowski and ARandomPackage. Total value of prizes currently that we’re giving away each week is approximately $15.
    When can I submit my screenshot?
    You can submit your screenshot to us pretty much at any time from the moment the current weeks Screenshot Sunday post is published up until the next Saturday at 10pm EST. Any submissions made to us during that time will be used in the upcoming Sunday’s post. To make it more clear, if you submit a screenshot to us on Monday at 2pm EST, your screenshot will be included five days later in that Sunday’s post. Anything submitted to us after 10pm EST on Saturday night will be held until the following weeks (8 days later) post.

    Are there any requirements for my submission?
    Yes, there are several requirements that we ask for each submission, yet they are very simple and easy to provide. The information we need is just a bit about the screenshot itself. Such as icons, wallpapers and that kind of thing. We ask for this information so that users who are viewing the post can search for something that they might like and enjoy that someone has used in their screenshot. For instance, if you use a really nice set of icons and a user wants to have them for his/her device, they can search by name or by artist and hopefully find the source to get them from. Below is the information in which we require by every entrant to ensure your screenshot is posted for the week in which you are submitting it. If the information below is not provided, unfortunately we can’t use your screenshot for our weekly post.

    Device: (Make and model of your device)
    Carrier: (T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint or whoever)
    ROM: (TeamBAKED, CM10, AOKP or whatever)
    Theme: (Black Exodus, GoogLeBean or whatever theme chooser theme you’re using)
    Launcher: (Nova, Nova Prime, Apex, Apex Pro, Action Launcher or whatever)
    Icons: (Provide the name of the icon pack and/or the artists name who made them)
    Widgets: (Beautiful Widgets, UCCW, HD Widgets or whatever)
    Wallpaper: (Name of the wallpaper if you know it, or if you found it on Zedge, Wallbase or whatever)

    We also require that if you submit your screenshot to us via Google+ that you use the following hashtags: #ScreenshotSunday as well as #ScreensDissected Again, both of these are requirements as that’s one way that we search Google+ to ensure we’ve not missed any entry notifications during the week. As well, we require that you + mention us on Google+ to help ensure we get the notification that you’ve mentioned us to submit a screenshot for our weekly post. You can + mention +Android Dissected and/or myself, +Cliff Wade and when we get the notification to make sure that you know we got it, we will at the very least +1 your post and more than likely comment on it too. If you don’t get either of those within 24 hours, I would strongly advise that you contact us to make sure we got your submission since Google+ is known to not provide all notifications.

    What’s in it for me?
    There are actually a couple of things in it for you personally. One is that you get to spend some quality time customizing your home screen to make it look all nice and pretty and brag about the hard work you put into it. Second is the fact that we give away several prizes as mentioned above that currently add up to about $15. We’re always adding new stuff to the prize pot so that dollar amount is liable to change at any given second. And of course you also get to have it shown off to a very large number of folks from around the community and various social networks of people that follow us and read our site.

    How do I submit my screenshot to you?
    There are several different ways that you can submit your screenshot for us to include in that weeks post. Most of our submissions come via Google+ from people who have us in their circles and from some that don’t. This is probably the easiest and most convenient way for most everyone. All you have to do is provide the information which was just discussed above and make sure you + mention us. Include your image in the post, or at least a link to the screenshot via Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or something similar.
    You can also submit your entries via email. To do that, simply send us an email to: with the subject of: Screenshot Sunday Submission. Make sure to include all of the information above for each image you submit, as well as the images themselves as an attachment or with a direct link to the image.

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