Android App and Memory Help!?!

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy S4' started by SteveSutton, May 19, 2013.

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    May 18, 2013
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    Hey guys, my last thread didnt really work out but i think ive got most of it sorted now. very very slightly less nooby questions

    1)how do i "tidy up" or know where to put what file in the phone/SD storage since downloading a video can end up in camera/movies or videos. there are so many directories im confused. on the same topic, even though i have a large SD card most things are going straight to the phone instead especially apps.. how do i move them? i downloaded a emulator aswell and they cant seem to look in SD directories?? wierd...

    2)what can go wrong in downloading unofficial (outside playstore) apps? all i can get on google is that i could get malware.. also where do i get them/which ones are safe..?

    3)how/can i seperate normal audio/music from ringtones and audiobooks

    thanks in advance for any help, i think ive got as far as i can on trial and error/google. im useless and a noob i know but i spent my life in seclusion (apple)